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Once upon a time, the elements "ead", meaning "riches", and "gyo", meaning "war", untied to create a female name meaning "rich in war". That meaning made the name a perfect fit for medieval royalty. Medieval saints and queens, including St. Eadgyo of Wilton and Eadgyo Swan-Neck, had riches in a time when many people did not.  Right before the twelfth century, the Norman Conquest occurred. William the Conqueror defeated King Harold II, who had a sister named Eadgyo. Eadgyo was coronated as a queen and supported the cult of Edward the Confessor at the time. Not only did Queen Eadgyo survive the Norman Conquest, but her name also continued in usage. As of the twelfth century, Eadgyo became Edith in Modern English.  Edith was one of the few Anglo-Saxon names to survive the Norman Conquest and, thus, the only Anglo-Saxon name to be popular throughout the Middle Ages. It continued to be popular until the 17th century, after which it dropped o

Names that Defined the 2010s

Throughout the last ten years, several names were promoted to higher statuses. Ten boys' and ten girls' names will be listed for each status promotion. Rather than in alphabetical order, the names will be listed according to their year of promotion. Let the 2010s graduation ceremony roll. Newly Contemporary  GIRLS' NAMES: Denym (2011) Locklyn (2013) Tulip (2013) Hasset (2014) Reverie (2015) Vale (2015) Azula (2016) Sansa (2016) Milarose (2017) Winsley (2019) BOYS' NAMES: Lazlo (2012) Bowe (2013) Siris (2013) Cope (2015) Kyros (2015) Fender (2016) Morocco (2017) Alesso (2018) Oxford (2019) Zeandre (2019) Contemporary to Retro GIRLS' NAMES: Kirsten (2011) Raven (2013) Jasmine (2014) Megan (2014) Brenna (2015) Imani (2016) Kayla (2016) Cheyenne (2017) Alyssa (2019) Sierra (2019) BOYS' NAMES: Dillon (2012) Sergio (2012) Cody (2013) Jamal (2013) Tyler (2014) Zackary (2014) Malik (2016) Griffin (2018) Jarrett (2018) Brenden (2019) Retro to Vintage GIRLS' NAMES: Ri


Many contemporary surname-names follow a sound-based pattern. One such trend is the "inley" ending. Kinsley twists this ending slightly, but it still fits. Kinsley derives from an English surname that itself came from Cynesige, meaning "royal victory." As with many surname-names for girls, Kinsley was not used before the late twentieth century. It was first given to at least five girls in 1978. Its usage became regular two years later. Kinsley broke the top 1000 in 2005 and entered the top 100 in 2016. Today, it ranks near the top 50. Canada is the only other nation in which Kinsley ranks. This being said, Kinsley is mostly an American name. It is also a Southern name, as Laura Wattenberg points out on Namerology. The surname-name's creative sound and feminine usage are only two more factors in its popularity.  VARIATIONS: Kinslee, Kinzlee STYLES: Surname SISTERS: Emery, Bristol, Harper , Adalynn, Reese, Landry, Skylar, Kennedy BROTHERS: Grayson, Ryder, Beckham,

Top 100 History: Girls' 2010s

Finally, we have arrived in the modern era of names. Changes 2010 Left: Mya, Katelyn, Isabelle, Vanessa Entered: Natalia, Naomi, Stella, Lucy 2011 Left: Angelina, Paige, Natalia, Rachel, Gabrielle, Jessica, Valeria Entered: Aubree, Ellie, Lydia, London, Kennedy, Scarlett, Harper 2012 Left: Maria, Brooke, Payton, Mariah, Destiny, Kaitlyn Entered: Annabelle, Piper, Reagan, Aria, Violet, Skylar 2013 Left: Kimberly, Molly, Jasmine, Reagan, Bailey, Trinity, Andrea Entered: Ruby, Nicole, Nora, Paisley, Mila, Penelope, Sadie 2014 Left: Kayla, Morgan, Sydney, Jocelyn, Makayla, Nicole Entered: Hadley, Jasmine, Alice, Vivian, Isabelle, Eleanor 2015 Left: Khloe, Hadley, Sophie, London, Jasmine, Lauren Entered: Reagan, Clara, Quinn, Cora, Aurora, Hazel 2016 Left: Ashley, Isabelle, Annabelle, Alexandra, Alexis, Alyssa Entered: Willow, Elena, Eliana, Kinsley, Luna, Adeline 2017 Left: Katherine, Taylor, Kylie, Faith, Brianna Entered: Nova, Valentina, Isabelle, Everly, Emilia 2018 Left: Peyton, Clara,

Top 100 History: Girls' 2000s

We have officially arrived in the twenty-first century. Changes 2000 Left: Tiffany, Lindsey, Cassidy, Mikayla, Kelly, Miranda, Kiara Entered: Gabriella, Leah, Molly, Mia, Jada, Zoe, Trinity 2001 Left: Briana, Brittany, Sabrina, Cheyenne, Cassandra Entered: Jade, Aaliyah, Kylie, Angelina, Ariana 2002 Left: Catherine, Katie, Breanna, Laura, Alexandria, Molly, Kathryn, Kelsey, Caitlin, Mariah Entered: Audrey, Evelyn, Lillian, Melanie, Jocelyn, Maya, Ella, Ava, Lily, Riley 2003 Left: Jade, Courtney, Angela, Christina Entered: Molly, Sofia, Avery, Arianna 2004 Left: Jacqueline, Shelby Entered: Amelia, Diana 2005 Left: Amber, Danielle, Leslie, Melissa, Sierra, Bailey, Erin Entered: Katie, Mya, Isabelle, Gracie, Mariah, Brooklyn, Nevaeh 2006 Left: Amanda, Mya, Gracie, Marissa, Molly, Katie, Diana Entered: Layla, Jayla, Gianna, Natalia, Aubrey, Valeria, Addison 2007 Left: Jordan, Jenna, Rebecca, Natalia, Jayla Entered: Charlotte, Molly, Gracie, Bailey, Sophie 2008 Left: Haley, Michelle, Molly,

Top 100 History: Girls' 1990s

We have reached the turn of the twenty first century in terms of popular names. Changes 1990 Left: Kaitlin, Margaret, Brandi, Krystal, Natasha, Kendra Entered: Shelby, Gabrielle, Alexandria, Ariel, Paige, Olivia 1991 Left: Patricia, Kathleen, Diana, Tara, Holly Entered: Kaitlin, Briana, Miranda, Haley, Mariah 1992 Left: April, Julie, Kaitlin Entered: Angelica, Holly, Breanna 1993 Left: Bianca, Veronica, Kristina, Holly, Kristin, Melanie, Ariel Entered: Kaitlin, Sabrina, Savannah, Diana, Sierra, Emma, Madison 1994 Left: Leah, Christine, Cynthia, Lindsay, Angelica, Lisa Entered: Cheyenne, Alexa, Caroline, Madeline, Destiny, Sydney 1995 Left: Erika, Diana, Meghan, Whitney Entered: Grace, Bailey, Selena, Mackenzie 1996 Left: Kaitlin, Brittney, Selena Entered: Leah, Angelica, Hailey 1997 Left: Angelica, Jamie, Leah, Alexa Entered: Michaela, Diana, Sophia, Autumn 1998 Left: Kristen, Catherine, Michaela, Shannon, Monica, Molly, Crystal Entered: Alexa, Claire, Chloe, Kaylee, Isabella, Mikayla,


Today's name post is all about the surname name Carter. MEANING AND ORIGIN: Carter was derived from an English surname given to people who used carts.  PRONOUNCIATION: The name is pronounced "car-tir".  USAGE: Carter bounced around below the top 500 most years before it stopped ranking in 1978. Yet, it returned to the rankings and started to rise in 1980. Carter reached the top 100 in 2004 and has been a top 50 name since 2010. Carter is now bouncing between the 20s and 30s. Carter, in fact, is popular everywhere in the English speaking world. As a girls' name, Carter bounced between the 400s and 500s since 2015.  FAMOUS PEOPLE: Carter Harrison Sr. (1825-1893), former mayor of Chicago, Illinois. Carter Harrison Jr. (1960-1953), American newspaper publisher and former mayor of Chicago, Illinois. Carter Burwell (1954-), American composer. Carter Page (1971-), American petroleum industry consultant and former adviser to president Donald Trump. Carter Milliken Reum (1981-

Top 100 History: Girls' 1980s

Today we arrive at the point where it's been a century since names were first recorded. Changes 1980 Left: Theresa, Robin, Jaime, Cheryl, Mindy Entered: Candice, Julia, Monique, Lindsey, Natasha 1981 Left: Monique, Gina, Melinda, Tonya, Tammy Entered: Theresa, Renee, Victoria, Diana, Latoya 1982 Left: Renee, Teresa, Kristy, Wendy, Theresa, Tanya, Christy Entered: Nichole, Margaret, Jillian, Brittany, Alexis, Krystal, Cassandra 1983 Left: Dawn, Katrina, Denise, Lori, Jillian Entered: Bethany, Renee, Desiree, Kayla, Meghan 1984 Left: Heidi, Pamela, Renee, Tina, Jill, Desiree Entered: Alexandra, Kara, Joanna, Chelsea, Sheena, Jenna 1985 Left: Brooke, Susan, Sandra, Tracy, Kayla, Alexis, Misty Entered: Rachael, Alison, Katrina, Brittney, Dominique, Caitlin, Whitney 1986 Left: Kara, Rachael, Nichole, Candice, Carrie, Latoya, Joanna, Sheena Entered: Jasmine, Krista, Felicia, Alyssa, Mallory, Hannah, Casey, Kayla 1987 Left: Melanie, Stacy, Stacey, Katrina, Karen, Krista, Dominique Entered


The release of Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind  brought Scarlett, which was once a surname, to attention as a given feminine name. However, the novel also popularized a male equivalent with a similar backstory.  Rhett is the Anglicized form of the Medieval Dutch surname de Raedt, which means "advice". The surname was also first used in the Netherlands. It makes sense considering its Dutch origins. Rhett has only been used in the United States so far. It was used in small numbers from 1917. As of 1937, the year after Gone with the Wind  was published, Rhett's usage became more regular. Yet, Rhett did not reach the top 1000 until 1955. It hovered below the top 500 until the 2010s, when it started to rise. Rhett now ranks in the 100s and could break the top 100 this decade.  Rhett has the style of its feminine counterpart. It is a surname-name that feels more like a first name thanks to Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind . It also has a rustic feel and a moderat

Top 100 History: Girls' 1970s

We are officially on our way to the mom era of names. Changes 1970 Left: Anna, Yolanda, Terri, Julia Entered: Traci, Tiffany, Jessica, Tara 1971 Left: Kim, Valerie, Carolyn, Carla, Janet, Traci Entered: Danielle, Yolanda, Erin, Christy, Amanda, Crystal 1972 Left: Regina, Diane, Deanna, Kathy, Carol, Beth Entered: Valerie, Alicia, Shelly, Erica, Anna, Veronica 1973 Left: Sheila, Tracey, Shelly, Laurie, Yolanda Entered: Emily, Kristina, Misty, Sara, Brandy 1974 Left: Kristina, Cindy, Victoria, Suzanne Entered: Allison, Kathryn, Jamie, Amber 1975 Left: Ann, Paula, Debra Entered: Christie, Brandi, Megan 1976 Left: Diana, Jodi, Margaret, Cheryl, Rhonda, Sherry, Christie Entered: Mandy, Kristina, Victoria, Samantha, Natalie, Courtney, Jaime 1977 Left: Barbara, Pamela, Victoria, Deborah, Donna Entered: Diana, Beth, Vanessa, Kristy, Sabrina 1978 Left: Theresa, Diana, Brenda, Tamara, Sharon, Beth Entered: Kristi, Lindsay, Cheryl, Katie, Ashley, Lauren 1979 Left: Renee, Michele, Sabrina, Nancy,

Top 100 History: Girls' 1960s

Today we near the end of the "baby-boomer" era of names. Changes 1960 Left: Terry, Virginia, Anna Entered: Stephanie, Jacqueline, Tracy 1961 Left: Joanne, Rita, Vickie, Rose Entered: Anna, Regina, Melissa, Carla 1962 Left: Gail, Ruth, Ellen, Dorothy Entered: Andrea, Sarah, Penny, Sherri 1963 Left: Anna, Betty, Peggy Entered: Colleen, Dana, Gina 1964 Left: Shirley, Gloria, Vicki Entered: Anna, Monica, Christina 1965 Left: Beverly, Judith, Jean, Joan Entered: Melinda, Shelly, Tracey, Stacey 1966 Left: Joyce, Melinda, Martha, Jane, Penny Entered: Holly, Tamara, Tonya, Stacy, Heidi 1967 Left: Bonnie, Holly, Darlene, Cathy, Judy Entered: Kristin, Melinda, Victoria, Heather, April 1968 Left: Colleen, Annette, Anita, Janice, Debbie, Wanda Entered: Jodi, Melanie, Yolanda, Rachel, Carrie, Shannon 1969 Left: Anne, Shelly, Lynn, Kathryn, Connie, Sherri,  Entered: Julia, Kristen, Tanya, Deanna, Holly, Nicole Movement Stephanie, Tracy, Regina, Melissa, Carla, Andrea, Dana, Gina, Monica, C

Less-Popular Alternatives to Isabella

Isabella took just eight years to hit the top 100 after returning to the top 1000 in 1990. Isabella then reached the top 10 in 2004. Isabella sounds like a classic that can't date, but if you don't want to use a dated name, then its dramatic rise is something to consider. Regardless, Isabella has been popular for over 20 years and, thus, might feel overused for many parents. Factors contributing to Isabella's success include: Its elaborate four-syllable structure. Its split-nickname quality. Isabella can shorten to Izzy or Bella. Its first initial of "I". Not too many names start with "I". Its mid-"b" sound also found in Abigail and Gabriella. Its double-"l" quality thanks to the stylish "ella" ending.  Its regal feel. There was a Queen Isabella of Spain back in the day. Its connection to a classic name. Isabella is related to Elizabeth. Its Italian heritage.  Here are ten names that contain some of the features listed above


I recently decided to do two name-of-the-week posts a week. Today I will write about the name Tessa. ORIGIN AND MEANING: Tessa started out as a nickname for classic Theresa, which, itself, was first recorded as Therasia. It possibly came from the Greek "theros", which means "summer", or the Greek "therizo", which means "to harvest". Thus, Tessa has two possible meanings. PRONOUNCIATION: The name is pronounced "teh-sa". USAGE: Tessa was originally a nickname for Theresa. It has been used as a standalone name in the United States since the 1890s, yet it did not chart until the 1960s. It first entered in 1964. It left and entered again in 1966. In 1968, Tessa entered once more and increased in use. Tessa has bounced around the 200s since the 1990s.  FAMOUS PEOPLE: Tessa Thompson (1983-), American actress.  Tessa McCormick Virtue (1989-), 2010 and 2018 Olympic ice skating champion.  Tessa Violet Williams (1990-), American singer, actress, a

Top 100 History: Girls' 1950s

Today I continue my Top 100 History series. We are now well into the Baby Boomer era. Changes 1950 Left: Rosemary, Geraldine, Charlene, Lynda Entered: Joann, Irene, Denise, Debra 1951 Left: Joann, Irene, Sue Entered: Valerie, Julie, Vickie 1952 Left: Anna Entered: Rhonda 1953 Left: Sylvia, Glenda, Eileen, Dianne Entered: Cindy, Anna, Leslie, Robin 1954 Left: Roberta, Sarah, Anna, Lois, Evelyn, Constance, Jeanne, Charlotte Entered: Terri, Laurie, Wendy, Michelle, Debbie, Michele, Terry, Lisa 1955 Left: Doris, Marsha Entered: Lori, Kim 1956 Left: Maureen, Leslie, Sally, Frances, Marcia Entered: Jennifer, Angela, Dawn, Tina, Kimberly 1957 Left: Wendy, Suzanne, Alice Entered: Jill, Annette, Leslie 1958 Left: Elaine, Marie, Victoria Entered: Amy, Beth, Tammy 1959 Left: Phyllis, Helen, Marilyn, Jacqueline, Jo Entered: Renee, Anna, Suzanne, Wendy, Kelly Movement Denise, Debra, Valerie, Julie, Vickie, Rhonda, Cindy, Leslie, Robin, Terri, Laurie, Wendy, Michelle, Debbie, Michele, Terry, Lisa, L


Today's Name of the Week post is all about the name Maeve. MEANING AND ORIGIN: Maeve is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Medb, which was the name of a warrior queen from Irish legend. It means "intoxicating".  PRONOUNCIATION: The name is pronounced "mayv". USAGE: Medb, also spelled Medbh and Meadhbh, came into use in medieval Ireland. These names were translated into the English Maeve, which replaced the other spellings in the late 1800s. Maeve was popular in Ireland  in the late 1900s.  However, Maeve has only recently risen in the English-speaking world. Maeve was first recorded for at least five girls in 1940. It entered the top 1000 for the first time in 1997 and now ranks at #244, a large jump from #334 in 2018. Maeve could hit the top 100 over the next decade.  FAMOUS PEOPLE: Maeve Brennan (1997-1993), Irish short story writer. Maeve Binchy Snell (1939-2012), Irish novelist who portrayed Irish small-town life in her novels. Maeve G. Leakey (1942-), B

Top 100 History: Girls' 1940s

Today we go through World War II and the beginning of the "baby-boomer" era of names.  Changes 1940 Left: Thelma, Theresa, Ethel, Yvonne Entered: Edith, Rebecca, Katherine, Connie 1941 Left: Edith, Lillian, Wilma, Florence, Audrey Entered: Diana, Suzanne, Glenda, Theresa, Kathryn 1942 Left: Suzanne, Jeanette, June, Emma Entered: Maria, Christine, Sheila, Eileen 1943 Left: Maria, Marlene, Edna, Eleanor, Josephine Entered: Marcia, Paula, Dianne, Suzanne, Pamela 1944 Left: Arlene, Julia, Sheila Entered: Sherry, Maria, Cheryl 1945 Left: Dolores, Sherry, Loretta, Juanita, Delores Entered: Arlene, Jeanne, Cynthia, Sheila, Laura 1946 Left: Kay, Irene, Mildred, Ruby, Marjorie, Arlene Entered: Constance, Marsha, Maureen, Lynn, Kathy, Sherry 1947 Left: Carole, Annie Entered: Lynda, Deborah 1948 Left: Roberta, Anita, Norma Entered: Annie, Teresa, Vicki 1949 Left: Joann, Lorraine, Annie, Louise, Patsy Entered: Charlene, Anita, Roberta, Victoria, Cathy Movement Connie, Diana, Suzanne, Gle

Less-Popular Alternatives to Sophia

Sophia has been a top 100 name since 1997 and a top 10 name since 2006. With alternative spelling Sofia also being popular, Sophia feels overused. Sophia is a classic name that will not date, yet it's too common for several people. Factors contributing to Sophia's success include: Mid-"ph" sound. Long "o" sound at the beginning. Greek heritage. Meaning of "wisdom", which is a wonderful meaning. The "EE-a" ending sound, which is also found in Mia, Camila, and Aaliyah. Feminine but not girly quality. Timeless classic style. Here are ten names that share some of the qualities listed above. Cecilia (#153)-Sophia is a classic, but was never common here until the turn of this century. Cecilia also qualifies as a classic without being common back in the day. Cecilia feels frills-free feminine and ends in a sound similar to that of Sophia. Cecilia is more popular than ever before, yet it may or may not be headed towards the top 100 in the near fu

Top 100 History: Girls' 1930s

Today I continue the "Top 100 History" series with the Great Depression era. Changes 1930 Left: Agnes, Vera, Eileen Entered: Sally, Patsy, Joanne 1931 Left: Maxine, Bertha, Maria, Gertrude Entered: Loretta, Marlene, Joann, Arlene 1932 Left: Ellen, Ida, Jeanne Entered: Constance, Sylvia, Janice 1933 Left: Eva, Rosemary, Constance Entered: Margie, Darlene, Jo 1934 Left: Katherine, Margie, Julia, Elsie Entered: Ellen, Judith, Sandra, Carole 1935 Left: Laura, Marian, Billie, Beatrice, Vivian Entered: Margie, Yvonne, Rosemary, Sharon, Roberta 1936 Left: Margie, Esther, Willie, Rosemary Entered: Katherine, Kay, Linda, Jeanette 1937 Left: Ellen, Katherine, Bernice, Hazel, Marion Entered: Gail, Susan, Anita, Judy, Diane 1938 Left: Yvonne, Edith, Gladys, Lucille Entered: Rosemary, Ellen, Rosalie, Karen 1939 Left: Clara, Pauline, Grace, Rosalie Entered: Sue, Julia, Yvonne, Brenda Movement Sally, Patsy, Loretta, Marlene, Arlene, Janice, Darlene, Jo, Judith, Sandra, Carole, Roberta, Kay,

Top 100 Girls' "B" Names

 Today I compile a list of the top 100 "B" names for girls as I did for the "A" names. Brooklyn (#54) Bella (#64) Brielle (#99) Brianna (#146) Blakely (#167) Bailey (#171) Brynlee (#191) Blake (#219) Brooke (#237) Brooklynn (#262) Briella (#297) Brynn (#332) Blair (#333) Bianca (#423) Braelynn (#443) Bristol (#491) Beatrice (#550) Briar (#563) Bethany (#603) Bonnie (#604) Briana (#616) Blaire (#669) While all the top 100 "A" names ranked, only 37 of the "B" names did. This indicates that "B" is a much less common first initial than "A". Besides, just two "B" names are in the top 100: Bella and Brooklyn.  What is your favorite girls' name starting with "B"?

Top 100 History: Girls' 1920s

 Today I continue the Top 100 History series with the 1920s for girls. Changes 1920 Left: Opal, Blanche Entered: Eileen, Kathleen 1921 Left: Lena, Mattie, Mae Entered: Elaine, Patricia, Audrey 1922 Left: Leona, Elaine, Jennie, Marguerite Entered: Margie, Jeanne, Wanda, Gloria 1923 Left: Margie, Mabel, Ellen Entered: Leona, Elaine, Dolores 1924 Left: Leona, Sylvia, Stella, Genevieve Entered: Ellen, Theresa, Joan, Joyce 1925 Left: Ellen, Lucy, Minnie Entered: Mattie, Margie, Marilyn 1926 Left: Myrtle, Nellie, Margie, Mattie Entered: Ellen, Rosemary, Donna, Beverly 1927 Left: Viola, Pearl, Violet Entered: Bonnie, Carolyn, Peggy 1928 Left: Bessie, Ellen, Lillie, Alma, Jessie Entered: Jacqueline, Billie, Janet, Delores, Carol 1929 Left: Ella, Kathryn Entered: Maria, Eileen Movement Kathleen, Elaine, Patricia, Audrey, Jeanne, Wanda, Gloria, Joan, Joyce, Marilyn, Rosemary, Donna, Beverly, Bonnie, Carolyn, Peggy, Jacqueline, Billie, Janet, Carol, and Maria became popular for the first time.  O

Top 100 "A" Girls' Names

Today I begin a series in which I compile a top 100 list consisting of one letter each. I start with one of the most popular initials for girls. Ava (#3) Amelia (#6) Abigail (#13) Avery (#19) Aria (#26) Aurora (#36) Addison (#47) Aubrey (#56) Audrey (#60) Aaliyah (#65) Anna (#68) Alice (#76) Ariana (#79) Allison (#80) Autumn (#82) Adeline (#100) Athena (#108) Arya (#112) Adalynn (#116) Alaia (#120) Arianna (#123) Ayla (#131) Alexandra (#137) Adalyn (#139) Amaya (#140) Amara (#142) Andrea (#148) Ariella (#152) Ashley (#154) Aubree (#156) Anastasia (#158) Alina (#170) Ada (#184) Aliyah (#189) Alaina (#196) Alyssa (#199) Ariel (#200) Arabella (#202) Alana (#206) Amy (#206) Alani (#221) Annabelle (#222) Aspen (#224) Alexa (#230) Adelyn (#235) Ana (#245) Alayna (#247) Angela (#251) Alivia (#253) Adelaide (#274) Alayah (#283) Amira (#284) Adaline (#285) Annie (#288) Angelina (#290) Adriana (#304) Alexis (#309) Aniyah (#311) Amiyah (#318) Alexandria (#320) Amina (#330) Amari (#334) Alaya (#33


It was the early years of the Common Era and the end of classical times. Many people born between the first and fifth centuries were canonized as saints. About seven of these saints shared the same name: Theodoros. The classical Greek name translates into what made these people saints: each of them was a "gift of God." One of these saints, however, went on to promote his name.  After the name was anglicized to Theodore in the Middle Ages, a legend covering fourth century martyr St. Theodoros of Amasea (aka St. Theodore) emerged. According to the legend, he rushed into a forest on horseback to slay a dragon. The legend popularized Theodore throughout Europe.  However, Theodore did not become popular among English-speakers until the 1500s. At the time, several people immigrated to England. What really allowed Theodore to take off, though, was the Tractrarian Movement from the 1830s to the 1840s. It promoted use of names connected with saints, including St. Theodore of Amasea. 

Top 100 History: Girls' 1910s

 We are now at the second decade in the twentieth century.  Changes 1910 Left: Dora, Hilda Entered: Sadie, Theresa 1911 Left: Maggie, Sadie Entered: Jane, Vivian 1912 Left: Georgia, Lula Entered: Wilma, Marian 1913 Left: Rosa, Cora, Ada, Mamie Entered: Georgia, Emily, Juanita, Barbara 1914 Left: Inez, Georgia Entered: Sophie, Rita 1915 Left: Carrie, Fannie, Hattie Entered: Phyllis, Maxine, June 1916 Left: Sophie Entered: Geraldine 1917 Left: Beulah, Emily Entered: Sophie, Nancy 1918 Left: Theresa, Nancy, Velma, Sophie Entered: Kathleen, Shirley, Norma, Lorraine 1919 Left: Kathleen Entered: Nancy Movement Vivian, Wilma, Marian, Juanita, Barbara, Rita, Phyllis, Maxine, June, Geraldine, Shirley, Norma, and Lorraine became popular for the first time. Maggie, Lula, Dora, Rosa, Ada, Cora, Mamie, Inez, Carrie, Fannie, Hattie, Beulah, and Velma left the top 100. Sadie returned before leaving again.  Jane returned to the top after a hiatus. Virginia and Frances entered the top 10.  Marie left t

Top 100 History: Girls' 1900s

 Today we head into the twentieth century in terms of girls' chart-topper history.  Changes 1900 Left: Hilda, Lydia, Emily Entered: Betty, Nancy, Bernice 1901 Left: Nancy, Lottie, Sallie, Betty Entered: Emily, Theresa, Hilda, Violet 1902 Left: Nettie, May, Theresa Entered: Flora, Lois, Doris 1903 Left: Emily, Effie, Flora Entered: Anne, Velma, Betty 1904 Left: Velma, Della, Olive Entered: Opal, Lola, Marjorie 1905 Left: Hilda, Lola Entered: Emily, Velma 1906 Left: Nora, Emily, Maude Entered: Jean, Theresa, Hilda 1907 Left: Hilda Entered: Emily 1908 Left: Emily, Susie Entered: Inez, Charlotte 1909 Left: Daisy, Sadie, Theresa Entered: Hilda, Genevieve, Sylvia Movement Betty, Violet, Lois, Doris, Anne, Velma, Opal, Marjorie, Jean, Inez, Genevieve, and Sylvia became popular for the first time. Nancy, Lydia, Lottie, Sallie, Nettie, May, Effie, Della, Olive, Nora, Maude, Susie, Daisy, and Sadie left the top 100. Flora returned for another year before leaving. Charlotte returned to the to

Top 100 History: Girls' 1890s

 Today I complete the second post in my "Top 100 History" series, going on to the 1890s. Changes 1890 Left: Harriet, Amanda, Nannie, Mollie Entered: Virginia, Beatrice, Marguerite, Dorothy 1891 Left: Charlotte, Maud Entered: Marion, Vera 1892 Left: Virginia Entered: Charlotte 1893 Left: Addie Entered: Virginia 1894 Left: Caroline Entered: Evelyn 1895 Left: Charlotte, Etta Entered: Eleanor, Ann 1896 Left: Sallie, Eleanor, Ann Entered: Hilda, Leona, Lucille 1897 Left: Georgia, Lottie, Katie, Flora Entered: Theresa, Sallie, Ann, Eleanor 1898 Left: Ann, Lizzie, Nancy, Theresa Entered: Thelma, Flora, Bernice, Georgia 1899 Left: Flora, Bernice Entered: Lottie, Ann Movement Beatrice, Marguerite, Dorothy, Marion, Vera, Evelyn, Hilda, Leona, Lucille, and Thelma became popular for the first time. Harriet, Amanda, Nannie, Mollie, Maud, Addie, Caroline, Etta, Katie, Lizzie, and Flora left the top 100. Virginia started rising after being popular on-and-off for years. Ollie, Jane, and Susa

Top 100 History: Girls' 1880s

Hey guys! Today I start a new series called "Top 100 History". Here, I will analyze the top 100 names from every decade, form the late Victorian Era to the present. Today I start with the 1880s for the girls. Changes 1881 Left: Virginia, Hannah Entered: Kathryn, Willie 1882 Left: Jane, Amelia Entered: Esther, Virginia 1883 Left: Rebecca, Virginia Entered: Irene, Amelia 1884 Left: Eliza Entered: Jane 1885 Left: Amelia, Nannie, Belle Entered: Rebecca, Ollie, Beulah 1886 Left: Susan, Ollie, Jane Entered: Nannie, Virginia, Hazel 1887 Left: Virginia, Kate, Lulu, Rebecca Entered: Susan, Ollie, Amelia, Mildred 1888 Left: Mollie, Nannie, Susan Entered: Pauline, Ruby, Jane 1889 Left: Virginia, Jane, Ollie Entered: Nannie, Mollie, Gladys Movement Kathryn, Willie, Esther, Irene, Beulah, Hazel, Mildred, Pauline, Ruby, and Gladys became popular for the first time. Hannah, Eliza, Belle, Kate, and Lulu left the top 100. Laura, Carrie, Cora, Maude, and Ella left the top 20.  Edna, Helen, and


Every Friday, I will be making a "name of the week" post. This week's name is one of my favorites, Louisa. ORIGIN AND MEANING: Louisa is the Latin feminine form of the classic boys' name Louis, which, itself, is the French form of the Latin Ludovicus. Ludovicus is the Latin form of Ludwig, which derived from the German name Chlodovech, which "hlud" meaning "famous" and "wig" meaning "battle". Hence, the name Louisa means "famous battle". PRONOUNCIATION: The name is pronounced "lou-EE-za". USAGE: Louisa, along with the French Louise, entered the English-speaking world in the 1600s. Louisa was popular in the 1700s but was topped by the French Louise by the end of the 1800s. Louisa dropped out of the top 1000 in 1970. Louisa re-entered the charts in 2014 and is on the rise. Louisa now ranks at #683. FAMOUS PEOPLE: Louisa Maria Stuart (1692-1712), youngest child of King James II and VII of Britain and Queen Mary