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Rising Color Names

In honor of Pride Month, let's talk about color names, as colorful flag represents the LGBTQ+ community.  Colors have inspired names for centuries. There's classic girls' name Rose as well as the more contemporary Sage. Anyway, here are some color names in the top 1000 that are currently rising in use: Emerald This green gemstone in the key of classic Emily and Emma first ranked for girls in the 1990s. It re-entered the charts in the late 2010s and has risen since then.  Grey Most color names are mostly or exclusively used for girls, but masculine Grey is an exception. It sounds slightly old-fashioned, but it only ranked since 2013. Grey has slowly been getting more common over time.  Hazel Hazel was first popular from the 1880s to the 1930s before falling out of fashion. This brown-green shade has been back in the girls' top 100 since 2015 and is not far from its initial top 20 peak.  Indigo Indigo is a shade of blue that has the cool "o" ending and shortens

Second-Chance Popular Names

Names vary in all their qualities, including usage histories. There are new names that were unknown until recently. There are also revival names that were popular a century ago and are again today. Classics that never left a certain range (i.e. the top 500) exist, too.  However, there are a group of names that not many people talk about. These are names that were in the top 1000 before 1970, but never reached the top 200 until recently. I will refer to these as "second-chance popular names" because they became popular the second time around.  Second-chance popular names range in style. Some have vintage charm while others are completely modern. Anyway, here are some names that fit the trope: Abigail Classic Abigail feels Colonial. While it was probably more popular before then, Abigail ranked in the 400s when name records began. It declined until leaving the charts in the mid-1900s. It re-entered in the 1940s and hit the top 100 in 1989. Abigail was a top 10 name from 2001 to

Vintage Girls' Names

The past is a common source for naming. Despite the rise of contemporary trends, several parents are still naming their children after older relatives. Such names are called vintage names. Name websites always discuss vintage names, but few actually define them. Vintage names were in use a century ago and sound old-fashioned. Vintage names must have also peaked in use before 1950, making them revival-ready today. Vintage names can also qualify by connecting to a famous person and/or work of art from the past. While some classic names feel vintage, I will exclude them. Plus, I will also exclude names that aren't showing clear revival signs yet as these would be antique. Anyway, here are some old-fashioned girls' names from the Victorian through World War II eras: Ada Adeline Alba Alma Arabella Ava Bella Belle Beryl Betty Billie Birdie Clementine Cleo Cora Daisy Della Dixie Edith Ella Eloise Elsie Emmeline Estella Estelle Etta Faye Flora Florence Goldie Harriet Hattie Hazel Ida I


In 2006, the Plain White T's released their hit song, "Hey There Delilah." The next year, the song was a hit. It sent the name Delilah into the top 500. The name only continued to rise in our demonic name age. Yes, Delilah has a demonic pedigree. In the Bible, Delilah was the lover of Samson who betrayed him to the Philistines by cutting his hair. The name's meaning adds to its dark flair. In Hebrew, the name means "weak" or "languishing." Delilah may be Biblical, but that alone does not make it traditional. As Laura Wattenberg recently wrote on, parents historically named their children after Biblical characters to give them positive role models. Delilah was not the role model parents wanted for their children. Thus, while the name has been used since the seventeenth century and ranked in the top 1000 most years since 1880, Delilah was never popular. Yet, it all began to change in the twenty-first century. As it has been stated abov