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The Age of Ellie

Eleanor and Elizabeth share something in common. They're both classics, but there's another thing that makes the two names similar to each other. They have the same "El" beginning, meaning they can shorten to "Ellie". Eleanor and Elizabeth are no longer the only popular names that can shorten to "Ellie", though.  Within the past ten years, "el" names replaced the "al" names that dominated the turn of the twenty-first century. This being said, Eleanor, Eliana, and Elena replaced Alexandra, Alexis, and Alexa. Perhaps Ellie itself is in the top 100. I wouldn't be surprised if "Il" names like Ilyria, Ily, and Ilona are next to become popular. However, few "Il" names currently rank in the top 1000.  Formal names for Ellie aren't just limited to names beginning with "El", though. Names ending in "ella" or "elle", like Isabella, Gabriella, and Brielle; can also shorten to Ellie.