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50 Sibling Names for Hudson

As a name nerd interested in sibling names, I have continued the series with a fourth name: Hudson.  Hudson is a rustic surname and place name with a cool guy charm. While Hudson is popular, it does not feel overused. Sibling names would have most of these qualities while also sounding different. They cannot share Hudson's first nor last syllables.  Whether you are naming Hudson's sibling or are just enthusiastic about the name, here are 25 sister and 25 brother names: 25 Sister Names: Ava Harper Scarlett Chloe Willow Everly Paisley Kinsley Brooklyn Autumn Savannah Madelyn Piper Raelynn Hadley Sienna Oakley Lila Harlow Collins Palmer Bristol Liberty Kimber Waverly 25 Brother Names: Wyatt Lincoln Maverick Nolan Cooper Waylon Easton Brooks Weston Sawyer Archer Tucker Beckett Hayes Preston Dallas Briggs Porter Deacon Dayton Ridge Boone Chandler Trenton Thatcher What names would you add?

Celtic Boys' Names

Bagpipes, pubs, shamrocks, and special crosses remind many of Scotland, Wales, or Ireland. A certain style of names associate themselves with the same nations. Celtic names connect to Scottish, Welsh, and/or Irish culture. They might belong to heroes and legends, be place names, or simply have origins and/or long histories in Celtic languages. However, just being popular in a Celtic nation does not automatically qualify a name.  Here are some boys' names reminiscent of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland: Aiden Alistair Angus Baird Bevan Bran Brannigan Brannock Brendan Brennan Brian Broderick Bryce Cadogan Caelan Callum Camden Cameron Carwyn Casey Cian Clancy Colin Colm Colman Conall Conan Connor Cormac Cullen Declan Desmond Dolan Donal Donald Douglas Doyle Duncan Dylan Eamon Egan Ellis Emrys Evan Fergus Finley Fintan Finn Finnegan Flynn Gael Gallagher Gareth Gavin Grady Graham Gregor Griffin Griffith Guthrie Hamish Ian Idris Ivor Jago Jamys Judoc Kane Keegan Kenneth Kevin Kieran Kyle Lac

Celtic Girls' Names

Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have cultures of their own. Cultural elements include tales of arrows and warrior queens along with a distinct style of first names. Celtic names have clear connections to Irish, Scottish, or Welsh culture. They might connect to mythical heroes, be place names, or emerge as surnames or nicknames in these languages. While several names are popular in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales; it is not enough to make a name Celtic. Here are some Celtic girls' names that capture Irish, Scottish, and/or Welsh spirit: Adair Aderyn Ailish Ailsa Aine Ainsley Airlie Aisling Anwen Aoife Arianwen Bedelia Bethan Blair Brenna Briallen Bridget Bridie Brigid Brinley Bronagh Bronwyn Brynn Caiomhe Caitlin Carrigan Carys Casey Catriona Ceridwen Ciara Cliona Clodagh Clova Dara Davina Deirdre Delyth Demelza Effie Eileen Eilidh Elestren Elin Elowen Elspeth Emblyn Endellion Enya Erin Fallon Fenella Fiadh Finley Finola Fiona Gladys Glenys Gwen Gwendolyn Gwenyth Isla Iona Jennifer Kathle

Names Inspired by Alice

Alice has been in consistent English use since the Middle Ages. It had a slight decline before becoming a Victorian hit in both England and the United States. The name then declined in popularity for several decades before returning to the American top 100 in 2014. Alice has a lot going for it. As a revival name that never went away completely, it is both timeless and vintage. The name also has storybook charm via Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland . Personality wise, Alice strikes a balance between the formal and casual.  This list will feature names with similar qualities, all ranking below the top 100. It will appeal to parents who think Alice is too plain or popular or want to name her sister. Name lovers will also enjoy this list.  Here are some less-popular alternatives to Alice: Adele Alice developed as a short form of Adelaide. Fellow classic Adele had the same story.  Agnes Agnes is not a classic, but it has been around as long as Alice and has a similar


In the New Testament of the Bible, the second apostle Judas authored something. That work is a book in the Bible, the Epistle of Jude.  Jude, the English variant of Judas that has been worn by the Catholic saint of lost causes, first entered English-speaking use in the sixteenth century. Jude was initially unisex since as many girls had the name as boys in Victorian England. It wasn't until the last few decades that the name became masculine.  In the United States, Jude has been recorded for at least five babies as early as 1912. However, it did not enter the charts until 1954. Jude remained there until 1986. In 1999, the name returned to the charts and has since risen. British actor Jude Law's performance in the 1999 film, The Talented Mr. Ripley , probably explains the rise. It has been a top 200 name since 2009. That same year, Jude entered the English top 100. Jude is also popular in Australia, Northern Island, and Scotland. It has some usage history in France as well along

Names Worn by Snow White

Snow White has been a popular fairy tale since the Brothers Grimm published their version in the nineteenth century. The story has inspired countless adaptations, including the first animated Disney movie, since then.  While she is simply Snow in most versions, the fairest princess sometimes has a different name. Here are some names worn by Snow White: Astrid Tessonja Odette wrote a series of fairy tale novels called Entangled with Fae . Her version of Snow White is the unpopular Astrid Snow from A Taste of Poison .  Lilli Lilli is the protagonist in the 1997 film adaptation, entitled  Snow White: A Tale of Terror . She is named after her late mother.  Mary In the ABC series Once Upon a Time , Mary Margaret Blanchard is Snow White's Storybooke counterpart. Many episodes focus on an aspect of her story.  Neve Vita Murrow retells several fairy tales in her 2018 treasury, entitled Power to the Princess: Fairy Tales Retold with Girl Power . In her version of the tale, the princess is n


Stella has been among the 100 most popular girls' names for over a decade. There are alternatives out there with similar roots. One of them is the French Estelle. Estelle comes from the Old French word meaning "star," which itself is from the Latin "stella." See how Estelle and Stella have the same origins? Of course, that does not mean they have the same stories. Stella was popular a century ago and is so again today. Estelle is vintage in a different way. The Normans first brought this name to England during the Medieval Conquest. However, the name did not enter common use until the Victorian Era. Estella Havisham from Charles Dickens's Great Expectations  probably had an impact. While the name was mostly used in the United States, American parents may have taken inspiration from such British novels. Estelle was in the American top 200 through the 1920s while never ranking in the top 100. After leaving the top 1000 in 2016, Estelle returned in 2012 and has

Disney Princess Name Types

Disney has created several princesses since releasing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves  in 1937. Like Snow, many of these princesses have unusual or exotic names. It makes sense considering their movies are all fantastical stories or fairy tales.  Many of the Disney Princesses' names are usable, but some feel too strongly tied to their characters to work. Here are the two types of princess names: Whole Princess Names These names feel too attached to their characters to work for real girls. It might be due to the name being unknown and/or unused before the stories and/or movies came out:  Cinderella Moana Mulan Pocahontas Rapunzel Part Princess Names These names still bring the princesses to mind, but they had enough history before the stories/movies or feel detached enough to work for girls: Ariel Aurora Belle Elsa Jasmine Merida Raya Snow Tiana There is one Disney Princess name that sounds too ordinary to belong to either group. That name is Anna, as in the princess (later queen)

Rustic Boys' Names

The American countryside conjures images of family farms, comfort foods, and fields of grass. It also brings to mind names with these associations. Rustic names, in one way or another, associate themselves with the American countryside. They might belong to country singers, fictional country heroes, southern and western states and cities, and even words or phrases common in the American South.  Here are some rustic boys' names that remind people of the countryside: Beau Boone Bozeman Bridger Briggs Brooks Canyon Cash Colt Colter Colton Conway Cooper Crockett Dakota Dallas Deacon Denver Destry Duke Easton Gentry Grady Hank Harlan Houston Huck Hudson Jackson Kit Levi Macon Maverick Memphis Pike Ranger Reno Rhett Ridge Roscoe Shiloh Tex Trace Travis Tucker Walker Waylon Wayne Weston Wilder Wyatt What names would you add to this list?

50 Sibling Names for Scarlett

Scarlett is one of these names with an unclear style. It sounds old-fashioned because of the protagonist of Margaret Mitchell's  Gone with the Wind. Since her first name was actually Katie, though, it complicates its history. While it has been used in America as early as the late 1930s, some might not consider that old enough to make the name traditional. However, Scarlett O'Hara definitely places her name in two style: artistic and rustic.  Because Scarlett's exact style is unclear, finding sibling names is more complicated. The name is certainly nickname-proof and symbolic of the color red along with being artistic and rustic. Thus, style matches will be a mix of traditional and contemporary names. Some might even fall in the same camp as Scarlett: old-fashioned in sound but not in usage. Whether you are looking to name Scarlett's sibling or are interested in sibling names, here are 25 sister and 25 brother names: 25 Sister Names: Luna Hazel Aurora Willow Stella Ivy D

Rustic Girls' Names

Fried chicken, fiddles, and family farms remind many of the American countryside. Several names evoke the same image. Rustic girls' names have clear associations to the American countryside, especially in Southern and Western states. These associations can occur through places, fictional characters, famous heroes, country singers and songs, and words that simply conjure rustic images.  Here are some girls' names that bring to mind the American country: Abilene Belle Bonnie Carolina Charlotte Cheyenne Clementine Collins Daisy Dakota Delta Denver Dixie Dolly Emmylou Faith Flannery Gentry Georgia Harper Helena Landry Liberty Loretta Lucille Mae Magnolia Maren Maybelle Montana Oakley Paisley Paralee Pearl Raeanne Raelynn Reba Sadie Savannah Scarlett Sedona Shania Shiloh Sierra Tallulah Tennessee Texanna Tulsa Virginia Winona What names would you add?

Artistic Boys' Names

The arts are a common source for naming babies. These include books, paintings, songs, performances, and even the people behind these things. Artistic and literary names take inspiration from famous artists/writers or characters. However, just being in a famous work of art does not automatically make a name part of this group. The connection must be memorable for a name to make this list. Here are some artistic and literary boys' names from famous artists and works of art: Ahab Alcott Amadeus Atticus Beckett Bram Byron Chaucer Copland Dante Dashiell Donatello Duke Dylan Ebenezer Ellington Elvis Emerson Ezra Faulkner Frost Gulliver Heathcliff Hemingway Holden Huck Ichabod Ivanhoe Jude Kipling Lancelot Leonardo Melville Oliver Pip Poe Raphael Rhett Roald Sawyer Sherlock Sinclair Tennyson Truman Upton Waylon Whitman Wilder Winslow What names would you add?

50 Sibling Names for Otto

Otto is a vintage Germanic name that is short and sweet. Sibling names would have most of the same ingredients while also sounding different.  Whether you are looking to name Otto's sibling or are just interested in sibling names, here are 25 sister and 25 brother names for Otto: 25 Sister Names: Hazel Cora Iris Millie Olive Elsie Vera Lola Thea Mabel Matilda Edith Mae Opal Faye Rhea Flora Della Pearl Cleo Zora Greta Elsa Ingrid Ida 25 Brother Names: Ezra Axel Theo Felix Julius Archie Edgar Harvey Hugo Mack Bruno Clyde Ira Alfred Wiley Casper Gus Ulysses Hans Linus Hiram Cosmo Roscoe Ike Fritz

50 Sibling Names for Alice

As someone who is into sibling names, I wrote this post to begin a new series: listing 25 sister and 25 brother names for each name. Today I start with Alice. Alice is timeless and old-fashioned with the literary charm of  Alice of Wonderland . It sounds both sweet and serious, too. Sibling names for Alice capture much of the style, but none are too vintage or classic. Plus, literary names only count if they belong to characters.  Whether you are looking to name Alice's sibling or are just interested, here are 50 sibling name ideas: 25 Sister Names: Emma Charlotte Amelia Evelyn Eleanor Lucy Josephine Sophie Vivian Clara Rose Margaret Mary Esther Ruth Jane Frances Helen Dorothy Beatrice Anne Marie Irene Martha Harriet 25 Brother Names: Oliver Henry Theodore Jack Leo Robert George Calvin Arthur Charlie Peter Edward Oscar Simon Walter Martin Edgar Philip Francis Frederick Roy Hugh Harold Benedict Gilbert Which of these sibling names do you like best?

Artistic Girls' Names

Art is full of stories, emotions, images, and names. These come from either the artists or the characters/subject matter. We call these names artistic or literary. Artistic and literary names come from famous works of art, including pictures and novels, as well as famous artists and writers. However, just being in a famous book or work of art does not automatically make a name artistic or literary. A name must have a memorable association with an artist or character to count.  Here are some girls' names that easily bring to mind famous stories and artwork: Afton Alice  Auden Avalon Avonlea Beatrix Billie Briar Brontë Celie Clara Clementine Coraline Cosette Creedence Darcy Delilah Dorothy Dulcinea Ellery Eloise Emma Esme Estella Evangeline Everly Flannery Frida Georgia Guinevere Harper Heidi Hermione Holliday Isadora Isolde Lennon Lorna Louisa Madeline Mahalia Marley Marlowe Matilda Monet Odette Presley Ramona Rilla Ronia Rowena Scarlett Scout Tenley Twyla Wendy Willa Zelda Zora Whi

Top 100 Boys' Risers for 2023

Recently, I listed the 100 best girls' names for 2023. Today I move on to boys' names. These names are most likely to rise this year, whether they come from famous people or pop culture or merely fit current parents' taste.  Theodore Levi Mateo Luca Maverick Waylon Kai Brooks Bennett Silas Weston River Legend Walker Archer Enzo Rhett Theo Atlas Jude Arthur Messiah Arlo Hayes  Simon Louis Nico Callum Hendrix Bodhi Orion Ellis Wade Otto Romeo Wilder Royal Briggs Sullivan Finnegan Archie Apollo Onyx Forrest Hank Frederick Banks Koa Ridge Valentino Miller Watson Houston Anakin Otis Callahan Bruno Caspian Grey Bridger Harry Magnus Evander Blaze Rome Ira Guillermo Bear Elio Idris Alistair Alfred Jones Bowie Benedict Foster Lyle Rhodes Lazarus Gus Draco Booker Denim Mars Laken Pharaoh Zealand Arrow Huck Ozzie Artemis Linus Elton Shalom Wolf Jennings Percy Ignatius Wendell Cosmo Which of these names do you think will rise the most?

Top 100 Girls' Risers for 2023

A new year has started. With that comes many changes, including new names to think about.  Recent pop culture phenomena and famous people and events in the headlines influence the names parents use along with ongoing trends. The names in this ranking reflect that. Here are 100 girls' names from 2022 pop culture and trends that will likely rise in 2023: Charlotte Luna Eleanor Hazel Nova Isla Willow Ivy Delilah Ruby Alice Leilani Josephine Athena Iris Eloise Parker Rose Maeve Juniper Magnolia Freya Genevieve Ember Millie Ada Ruth Oakley Margot Zuri Elsie Vera Octavia Wren Lilith Daphne Ophelia Collins Noa Rosemary Mabel Poppy Astrid Navy Rosie Matilda Dorothy Raya Mae Salem Alma Clementine Elora Davina Sylvie Calliope Faye Flora Estella Indie Louisa Della Theodora Halo Jovie Persephone Cleo Artemis Clover Goldie Marlowe Loretta Indigo Billie Guinevere Love Marigold Tallulah Ruthie Ida Betty Winona Karma Lavender Joan Echo Symphony Romy Agatha Maple Jupiter Sybil Lois Ever Wednesday S