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Names Worn by Cinderella

"Cinderella" is a famous fairy tale with several international variations. The most well known is Charles Perrault's Cendrillon , which came out in 1697. The Brothers Grimm's Aschenputtel  came along in 1812. The tale has been retold several times since.  The original story did not give Cinderella a real name. Yet, recent retellings, such as Disney's 2015 live action remake and the 2021 Amazon Prime musical suggest that her real name is Ella. However, storytellers have also given Cinderella other names.  Angelina Angelina is the hero in Gioachino Rossini's nineteenth-century opera La Cenerentola , which is based on the Cinderella story. Ashley Ashley is Cinderella's Storybooke counterpart in the ABC series Once Upon a Time .  Bella Diane Stanley wrote a children's Cinderella novel entitled Bella at Midnight in 2006. While the protagonist's real name is Isabel, she goes by Bella.  Cinder Marissa Meyer renamed the character Cinder in her science fict


Near the famous New York City is a river that is just as famous. That river bears one of the most popular boys' names today. That name is Hudson.  Hudson comes from the English surname meaning "son of Hudde." Hudde was a medieval nickname for classic Hugh. Thus, the name would actually mean "son of Hugh." The surname emerged as Hudsone in sixteenth century Scotland. Explorer Henry Hudson launched the first name in America. The famous New York river also gots its name in his honor.  Hudson ranked several times before 1920. The name has been rising in use since 1995. Hudson made the top 100 in 2012 and is at its peak today. Hudson is also popular in all other English-speaking nations. The name is popular in Scotland as well.  Hudson combines two modern trends: surname names and place names. It also has a rustic vibe thanks to the vintage Hudson automobiles. Hudson's non-trendy feel attracts a lot of appeal, too.   STYLES: Place, Rustic , Surname SISTERS: Ava,


One place name embarked on an incredible journey. It first became a surname, then a given name, and now it's also associated with crackers. That name is Graham.  Graham began as a surname derived from the Anglo-Saxon place name "Grantham", which means "gravelly homestead." William de Graham brought the surname to Scotland in the twelfth century, thus giving the name its Scottish feel.  Graham has been in use as a given name since the sixteenth century. One notable example was Alexander Graham Bell, who adopted his middle name for his eleventh birthday. He went on to invent the telephone. As an American name, Graham ranked most years since 1880. It rose in the 1970s and 1980s and again from the mid-2000s. Graham is now at its peak in the top 200.   Graham has seen use in other English-speaking nations in the past. It was especially common in midcentury Australia and New Zealand.  Graham makes for a sweet-spot name. The surname-name is not tied to any era nor has

Names Inspired by Hazel

Hazel was one of the many nature names that became stylish for girls in the late Victorian era. It was a top 100 name from the 1880s to the 1930s, peaking at #23 in the 1890s. Hazel left the top 1000 by the 1980s. In the 2000s, the name began to rise again. Hazel returned to the top 100 in 2015 and is nearing its previous peak.  Alongside being a vintage revival, Hazel is distinctive as few names sound like it. It is also tailored. While it's a girls' name, Hazel sounds like it could also work for boys. Finally, Hazel is natural in many ways. It's a color, nut, and tree. This list will appeal to parents who are looking for a sister or alternative to Hazel as well as name lovers who just want more names to love.  Here are some names inspired by Hazel, all ranking below the top 100: Astrid Clunky Astrid has no rhyming counterparts and could work for boys.  Beatrix Beatrix feels old-fashioned and distinctive thanks to its "x" ending. Children's author Beatrix Pot

Rising Traditional Girls' "A" Names

Traditional and contemporary names have first initials spanning the entire alphabet. The most popular of these first initials is "A".  I will list rising traditional girls' names starting with "A" below. These are names that have deep roots and follow traditional naming patterns. Traditional naming patterns include naming a child after saints, older relatives, or Biblical characters who display positive virtues (i.e. obedience).  Here are some traditional girls' names within the top 1000: Ada This vintage three-letter name is making a comeback as a successor to Ava.  Adelaide Adelaide is just as classic and nickname-rich as Elizabeth, Katherine, and Margaret, only less boring.  Adelina Vintage Adeline meets lacy Angelina in this elaborate name.  Alice Alice is classic and literary, bringing to mind Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland . Alma Alma is a vintage name that shares its multicultural feel with popular names like Maya. Amalia Amalia is a slight tw