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Classic Names that Were Never Popular

When we think of classic names, we think of Anna and John, Elizabeth and Charles; names that were in the top 100 most years since 1880.  While there is the stereotype that timeless classics must always be popular, that is not the case. Perhaps some classic names have never been popular at all. Instead, a name is a classic if it has remained in consistent use for centuries and has a timeless sound.  Here are some classic names that were never in the top 200 and, thus, not boring. Antonia Antonia, a feminization of Anthony, has been worn by saints and royals over the years. This makes it an alternative to Alexandra and Victoria. Yet, it never ranked in the top 300 and rarely in the top 400. It even left the top 1000 not too long ago.  Benedict Benedict has been common among Christians since the sixth century and English-speakers since the twelfth. Benedict has been worn by several popes, saints, and notable figures, including American general Benedict Arnold (1741-1801), as well. However


Peter has seen use among English-speakers for centuries. Its lesser known feminine counterpart, Petra has a slightly different story. Like Peter, Petra comes from the Ancient Greek "petros", meaning "rock. It also connects to the ancient rock city in what is now Jordan. As a given name, it did not emerge until around the nineteenth century.  In the United States, Petra ranked most years between 1881 and 1973. It left the charts without ever making the top 400. However, Petra has seen more use in other languages. It is currently or has recently been popular in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Petra also had some notable bearers, including the nineteenth century Blessed Petra of Saint Joseph Perez Florido and tennis player Petra Kvitov√°. As a feminization of Peter, Petra could easily be just as classic. It is, except that it has always been more common in other languages. That prevents Petra from having the same classic feel as Clara an

Classic Sibling Pairings

Classic names have been in consistent use for at least three to four centuries. Many of them also translate into several languages.  Today I will list my favorite classic sibling pairings.  Classic Sister Pairings Amy and Laura Charlotte and Eleanor Emily and Julia Katherine and Margaret Lucy and Rose Rachel and Sarah Classic Brother Pairings Alex and Jack Charles and George David and Joseph Henry and Simon Miles and Vincent Samuel and William Classic Sibling Pairings Alice and Edward Clara and Oscar Ellen and Peter John and Mary Leo and Nora Nicholas and Sophia Which of these classic sibling pairings are your favorite?

Top 100 English Girls' Names 2021

American name data releases in May. English name data follows in early Fall. Perhaps it just happened. Three new girls' names entered the top 10. Freya, Florence, and Willow replaced Isabella, Rosie, and Sophia. Regarding the top 100, Beatrice, Lara, and Sara replaced Georgia, Abigail, and Aisha. It's interesting to note that none of these names were new to the top 100 overall over the last twenty years.   I do not predict the English top 100 as I do the American top 100. Instead, I will list every popular English girls' name and write the American equivalent next to each name: Olivia-Olivia (equal) Amelia-Emma Isla-Charlotte Ava-Amelia Ivy-Ava Freya-Sophia Lily-Isabella Florence-Mia Mia-Evelyn Willow-Harper Rosie-Luna Sophia-Camila Isabella-Gianna Grace-Elizabeth Daisy-Eleanor Sienna-Ella Poppy-Abigail Elsie-Sofia Emily-Avery Ella-Scarlett Evelyn-Emily Phoebe-Aria Sofia-Penelope Evie-Chloe Charlotte-Layla Harper-Mila Millie-Nora Matilda-Hazel Maya-Madison Sophie-Ellie Alic