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Real-Life Siblings for Lucy

One of my favorite aspects of names are those that pair well together. I love looking through birth announcements and stuff to discover interesting sibling sets.  Today I list sibling names for Lucy. Lucy is a short and sweet classic with saintly connections. Sister names would be at least slightly similar in style. However, they should not rhyme or share Lucy's ending sound.  Here are some of my favorite real-life sister and brother names for Lucy that I actually know or have come across online: REAL-LIFE SISTER NAMES: Alice Amelia Anna Catherine Charlotte Claire Clara Edith Eliza Ella Emily Emma Eva Frances Georgia Grace Hazel Helen Ivy Jane Kate Lily Lyla Mabel Mary Molly Nora Olive Pearl Phoebe Rosa Rose Ruby Sarah Sophie Violet REAL-LIFE BROTHER NAMES: Ben Charles Cooper Edward George Harry Henry Hugo Jack Jasper Joseph Leo Miles Oliver Oscar Porter Sam Tom William Which of these names do you like best with Lucy?

Old-Sounding Contemporary Names

There are two general categories of names: traditional and contemporary. A name's category depends on its usage history, feel, and overall style. However, this does not mean that names can't sound as if they belong to the opposite category. One such category is old-sounding contemporary names. Many bloggers have discussed new-sounding traditional names, but they rarely discuss the other way around. Just as a name with a sense of history, like Cleo and Nolan, can feel modern, a name with little to no history can feel old. Many of these names sound old because they structurally resemble more traditional choices or combine traditional sounds.  Here are some contemporary names that sound like they could be more traditional: Azalea Azalea is a flower name that structurally resembles classic Amelia along with containing the first syllable of Zadie. Azalea also sounds as feminine as classic Daisy and vintage Violet. In terms of usage, though, Azalea was never popular among English-spe


Several children's tales feature animals, including brown bears. Such brown bears have traditionally been given a single name. That name is Bruno. It comes from the Germanic  brun , meaning "brown." Despite its Nordic roots, Bruno entered use among German-speakers. It has been that way since the Middle Ages. It's also regal and saintly. For example, the name has been worn by the Duke of Saxony in the ninth century. Two centuries later came St. Bruno of Cologne. He became famous for finding Carthusian Order. Both the Duke of Saxony and St. Bruno were born in Germany.  Despite its history, Bruno didn't enter use among English-speakers until the nineteenth century. Two factors are responsible for this. First, several Germans immigrated to English-speaking nations, thus spreading the name. Second, Lewis Carroll, the creator of Alice in Wonderland , write a novel entitled Sylvie and Bruno  in the late 1880s. The Bruno in that story was not a brown bear.  In the United

Biblical Names You've Never Heard Of

Biblical associations are a common trope among classic names. Think John and Adam, Mary and Ruth. In addition to these simple names, there are also elaborate Biblical classics. These include Samuel and Benjamin, Elizabeth and Abigail.  However, there are also rare Biblical names just waiting to become more common. These are names that were never popular anywhere in the English-speaking world but have potential. Asenath Asenath was Joseph's Egyptian wife in the Old Testament. "Assie" might not sound like a nice nickname, but there's also "Senny", "Annie", and even "Nate". Shortened or used in full, Asenath sounds like an intriguing alternative to Elizabeth. The name has been used multiple times in the past, but it never even made the top 1000.  Cozbi This was the name of a Midianite woman who married the Israelite Zimri in the Old Testament. Unfortunately, Phinehas killed both of them. Alongside its tragic association, Cozbi sounds like it

Timeless Boys' Names

Plenty of boys' names have stayed popular for centuries. Think John, Charles, Robert, and Henry. These names have always ranked within the top 500. However, as with girls' names, they don't have to always be popular to count as classic. Timeless names have been in consistent use for centuries. They have also seen use every year in the United States since its debut without any sharp peaks or troughs. Classic names might either have international variants or have seen international use without feeling too foreign as well.  Here is a master list of timeless classic boys' names: Abraham Adam Albert Alex Alexander Andrew Angelo Anthony Antonio Arthur Ben Benedict Benjamin Bennett Carl Charles Charlie Christian Christopher Conrad Daniel David Edgar Edward Edwin Emmanuel Emmett Felix Francis Frank Frederick Gabriel George Gilbert Henry Hugh Isaac Ivan Jack Jacob James Joe Joel John Jonathan Joseph Julian Lawrence Leo Leonard Lionel Luke Malcolm Mark Martin Matthew Max Michael