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Girls' names starting with "Ev" have always been around. Think classic Evelyn, literary Evangeline, Greek Evadne, elaborate Evelina, and exotic Evolet. Within the last decade came another all-feminine "Ev" name. That name is Everly.  Everly came from a surname. As with many feminine surname-names, Everly was not in heavy use before the twenty-first century. Perhaps it was not even in consistent use before 2000 despite having its first occurrence in 1944. However, several records popped up for women named Everly born before 1940 on This being said, Everly may have more history than the numbers suggest. The fame of the rock duo, the Everly Brothers, might explain the name's sparing use in the twentieth century.  Either way, Everly is thoroughly modern. It was not in the top 1000 before 2012. Afterward, Everly shot up the charts. Less than ten years later, Everly is in the top 50. Spelling variant Everleigh just joined Everly in the top 100.  Si


Nature names have been in vogue for girls since the nineteenth century. These names were taken from plants, gemstones, and even the night sky. Most night sky names didn't catch on for girls right away, though. Nova is one such name.  Nova is the term used for a certain type of star. That's not where it begins, however. Nova comes from the Latin term for "new". That meaning, obviously, would not just apply to stars. The term is mainly used for exploding stars, though.  As described above, Nova has a long history of use. It was first used in small numbers in the late eighteenth century. It became more common at the end of the nineteenth century, but remained rare in the United States. Nova ranked from the mid-1880s to the late 1930s without ever making the top 500. The name spiked in the 1930s in England thanks to British actress Nova Pilbeam. However, Pilbeam had no effect on her name in America.  Having history is not even enough to make a name traditional. A name mus


Today I write about the most popular boys' name, Liam. ORIGIN AND MEANING: Liam originated as an Irish short form of the classic William. William, itself, is derived from the Germanic "Willahelm", which means "will helmet".  PRONOUNCIATION: The name is pronounced "lee-im". USAGE: Liam was first used for five boys in 1947 and for 10 boys in 1950. In 1954, Liam's usage became regular. It dipped into the top 1000 in 1967 and established itself there in 1974. Liam went on to hit the top 100 in 2006 and the top 10 in 2012. Liam has been the most popular boys' name here since 2017.  FAMOUS PEOPLE: Liam Neeson (1952-), award-winning Northern Irish actor. Liam Hemsworth (1990-), Australian actor.  Liam James Payne (1993-), English singer and member of former boy band One Direction (2010-2015). Liam Weatherly (2013-), son of American actor Michael Weatherly and Bojana Jankovic. Liam James Tell (2017-), son of American TV personality Lauren Conrad and gu

Vintage Names

Vintage names are more old-fashioned and less common than antique names. They rank below the U.S. Top 500, allowing them to obtain an "old-lady" or "old-man" vibe. If you love old-fashioned names, this list is for you. There are three ways in which a name can qualify as vintage: Revival-Ready Names These names have peaked in the U.S. Top 200 at least 75 years ago and are just starting to feel fresh again. GIRLS' NAMES: Agnes Betty Fern Goldie Ida Lula Nellie Pearl Ramona Winnie BOYS' NAMES: Alfred Clyde Emil Floyd Gilbert Homer Ira Milton Roland Wilbur Names from Other English-Speaking Countries Sometimes, names that were popular in England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand but never caught on here can sound old-fashioned to American ears. Here are some examples: GIRLS' NAMES: Beryl Dulcie Enid Jemima Lavinia Mavis Nola Prudence Sybil Una BOYS' NAMES: Basil Cedric Enos Fergus Griffith Horatio Jabez Percival Selwyn Watson Famous People from the Past

Best Names for Fall

Now that it's November, Fall is approaching an end. Before it ends, I want to list my ten favorite Fall-inspired names for each gender.  In order to qualify as a Fall-inspired name, a name must: have connections to the season, whether it's a tree name, Fall-inspired color, or a name tied to an Autumn month. Here are some names that are perfect for a child born in the Fall: GIRLS' NAMES: Autumn (#82)-Autumn is the obvious name for a child born in the Fall. It's simply another word for Fall.  Cornelia (unranked)-Its first syllable of "corn" brings to mind the common Fall attraction of corn mazes. Cornelia makes a great alternative to Cora and Amelia. Ember (#193)-Ember connects to campfires, a common Fall event. It's included in September and November as well.  Fawn (unranked)-Tying to a deer and a yellowish tan color, Fawn is perfect of the Fall.  Harvest (unranked)-Harvest sounds like the perfect name for Fall, as in harvesting crops for the Winter. Maple

Top Antique Girls' Names

Antique girls' names feel fresh again. Even if they qualify as timeless classics, they have either gained or are nearing revival status. Because these names now feel part-modern, parents who aren't too fond of "old-fashioned" names will still appreciate these. In order to qualify, a name must: have peaked within the top 100 or 400 at least 80 years ago or less than 20 years ago. have returned to a certain point depending on its last peak: #1-#100: back in top 400 #101-#400: back in top 700 sound slightly old-fashioned. have not always ranked within the top 200. Those who love old names but fear they're too "old" can consider the following names: Olivia (#1) Emma (#2) Ava (#3) Sophia (#4) Isabella (#5) Charlotte (#6) Amelia (#7) Evelyn (#10) Emily (#12) Ella (#13) Luna (#16) Penelope (#22) Chloe (#24) Eleanor (#27) Grace (#28) Nora (#29) Hazel (#33) Lily (#34) Violet (#36) Lillian (#37) Stella (#39) Leah (#44) Lucy (#48) Audrey (#49) Bella (#50) Claire (#


Today I write about the boys' name, Lincoln. ORIGIN AND MEANING: Lincoln is derived from an English surname. The surname, itself, is derived from "Lindum Colonia", the name of an English city. The root words of the place name "lindo" and "colony" combine to mean "lake colony." PRONOUNCIATION: The name is pronounced "ling-kin". USAGE: Lincoln ranked in the top 1000 most years since 1880 though it didn't start rising until the turn of the twenty-first century. Lincoln entered the top 100 in 2013. It has been there ever since, now ranking at #41. FAMOUS PEOPLE: Lincoln Ellsworth (1880-1951), American polar explorer who was a benefactor for the American Museum of Natural History. Lincoln Davenport Chafee (1953-), former U.S. Senator and 74th Governor of Rhode Island. Lincoln Brewster (1971-), American Christian singer and pastor.  Lincoln Riley (1983-), current American football coach at the University of Oklahoma. Lincoln Marshall


Today I write about the girls' name Haven. ORIGIN AND MEANING: Haven is derived from the English word, which, itself, was derived from the Old English "haefen", meaning "safe place". PRONOUNCIATION: The name is pronounced "hay-vin". USAGE: Haven was first used for six girls in 1920 and for five girls in 1931. Haven was registered a few times before 1976, when it began to rise. Haven entered the top 1000 in 1996 and again in 1998. Haven is currently holding steady around the upper 200s and lower 300s. FAMOUS PEOPLE: Haven Denney (1995-), American pair skater who has won many awards. Haven Garner Warren (2011-), daughter of American actress Jessica Alba and film producer Cash Warren. USIBILITY: Haven has such a wonderful meaning and, even better, shows no sign of hitting the top 100 anytime soon. Haven has to be one of my favorite modern names. While most modern names, like Harper and Paisley, rise dramatically, Haven reached the 300s gradually. Haven al


When Margaret Mitchell started writing her bestselling novel, Gone with the Wind , she named her hero Pansy. However, the book publishers suggested she use a more dramatic name. Thus, Mitchell changed her character's name to Scarlett. Where did that come from, though? According to naming site Nancy's Baby Names, Mitchell often came across the name Katie Scarlett in Irish Literature. This being said, Scarlett O'Hara's first name was Katie. Scarlett got her middle name from her grandmother's maiden name. She was just always known as Scarlett, though. Mitchell explained it in her novel, but it's easy to miss that in the movie. Thus, parents who only saw the movie might misread Scarlett as a common Victorian name.  As hinted above, Scarlett began as a surname. However, it doesn't sound like one because it's merely a respelling of the color. Scarlet cloth wasn't always exclusively red, though. In the late Middle Ages, two centuries after Scarlett became a

Transparent Girls' Names

In the world of naming, there are traditional names, like Alice and Noah, and contemporary names, like Easton and Harlow. However, there is an in-between class of names that's rarely talked about. These are called transparent names because they can sew the gap between traditional and contemporary names. Transparent names have a moderate or long history of use, yet they were never common enough to be tied to a generation. These names are also newly popular, hence giving them a trendy or modern feeling.  In order to qualify, a name must: be at least 50 years old. have a sense of traditional style.  have not entered the top 200 anywhere in the English-speaking world before 1960. rank within the top 200 somewhere in the English-speaking world after 1960.  Here are girls' names with one foot in the past and one foot in the present: Alba Athena Aurora Ava Camila Catalina Charlie Darcy Delilah Ellie Elodie Evie Fiona Francesca Frankie Freya Gabriella Gemma Georgie Gianna Hallie Heidi

Top 100 Classic Boys' Names

I created a top 100 list for timeless classic girls' names, but I haven't yet done so for boys' names. There are more evergreen boys' names than there are girls' names, yet not all classic boys' names are. The same rules for girls' names apply here. A name must: have been used or rooted in the ancient or medieval era. have been worn by many people throughout history. feel timeless. Here are 100 timeless boys' names that will never go out of style: Oliver (#3) William (#4) Elijah (#5) James (#6) Benjamin (#7) Alexander (#11) Henry (#12) Jacob (#13) Michael (#14) Daniel (#15) Samuel (#22) Matthew (#23) Joseph (#24) David (#27) John (#28) Julian (#31) Luke (#32) Isaac (#34) Theodore (#36) Gabriel (#37) Anthony (#38) Christopher (#44) Andrew (#46) Thomas (#47) Charles (#51) Nathan (#55) Adrian (#56) Christian (#57) Aaron (#61) Jonathan (#64) Robert (#76) Nicholas (#78) Adam (#90) Vincent (#115) George (#119) Luis (#120) Nathaniel (#123) Zachary (#124) Calvin


In honor of Joe Biden winning the 2020 presidential election, I write about the name Joseph. ORIGIN AND MEANING: Joseph comes from the Latin form of the Greek Ioseph, which, itself, comes from the Hebrew Yosef. The name means "he will add". PRONOUNCIATION: The name is pronounced "joh-sef". USAGE: In the Bible, Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob.  As a given name, Joseph was first used among Jews in the Middle Ages. It eventually spread to Spain, Italy, and England. Joseph ranked within the top 25 every year since 1880, making it a perennially popular classic.  FAMOUS PEOPLE: Joseph of Arimathea, the man who assumed responsibility for the burial of Jesus Christ. Joseph I (1678-1711), Holy Roman Emperor and former ruler of the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy. Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), English chemist and educator who credited for the discovery of oxygen. Joseph Johnson (1738-1809), English bookseller who published the works of famous authors like Mary Wollstonecraft


My weekly name posts will be a day late. Regardless, I will write about the boys' name Maverick. ORIGIN AND MEANING: Maverick is an English word name derived from one that means "independent". Maverick, the word, comes from a surname of a nineteenth-century rancher.  PRONOUNCIATION: Maverick is pronounced "MAV-er-ick". USAGE: Maverick first registered in the data in 1957 and entered the top 1000 the next year. However, Maverick left in 1960. Maverick then re-entered the top 1000 in 1994 and started to rise, hitting the top 100 in 2017. At #58, Maverick is now outside the top 50. FAMOUS PEOPLE: Maverick Carter (1980-), American businessman. Maverick Vinales (1995-), Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer and 2013 Moto3 world champion. Maverick Reed McKinney (2016-), son of American TV personality Maci Bookout and motorcycle racer Taylor McKinney.  Maverick Nicholas Phelps (2019-), son of American swimmer Michael Phelps and American model Nicole Johnson. POP CULTURE:

Top 100 Girls' "C" Names

 Today I list the top 100 girls' names starting with "C". Charlotte (#6) Camila (#15) Chloe (#24) Claire (#55) Caroline (#61) Cora (#71) Clara (#95) Charlie (#132) Cecilia (#153) Callie (#180) Catalina (#189) Catherine (#243) Camille (#258) Camilla (#271) Cali (#274) Charlee (#284) Cassidy (#366) Celeste (#374) Camryn (#400) Collins (#406) Cataleya (#410) Carolina (#417) Carmen (#427) Charleigh (#430) Celine (#490) Colette (#496) Cheyenne (#500) Carter (#513) Charli (#520) Christina (#523) Cameron (#544) Chelsea (#545) Cecelia (#546) Cadence (#549) Charley (#551) Carly (#567) Cassandra (#612) Coraline (#626) Chaya (#663) Clementine (#686) Calliope (#705) Clarissa (#744) Cynthia (#748) Crystal (#773) Chanel (#781) Chana (#791) Clare (#800) Celia (#863) Corinne (#888) Casey (#897) Christine (#922) Chandler (#925) Carolyn (#940) Cleo (#967) Cara (unranked) Carla (unranked) Cherish (unranked) Claudia (unranked) Carina (unranked) Chevelle (unranked) Cordelia (unranked) Celina

Upcoming Revival Names

The 2010s was a golden era for revival names-think Ruby and Cora. Now we look ahead to names that will return to the top 100 during this decade.  GIRLS' NAMES: Ada (#209)-Ada, a sister for Cora and an alternative to Emma, has risen quickly during the last two years. Ada fits in with minimalistic three-letter names like Mia and Zoe. The double-"a" pattern is also stylish. Ada was last popular in the early 1910s and will most likely be back within the next few years. Eliza (#119)-Eliza hasn't topped the charts since the 1880s. Yet, thanks to the popular musical "Hamilton", Eliza will finally return in the 2020s. Eliza fits in with all the "el" names of this day, like Eleanor and Elena, and has the stylish "z" sound of the also old-fashioned name Hazel. Elsie (#247)-Elsie is another "el" name that's due to be revived in the 2020s. Elsie was in the top 100 until the early 1930s and is clearly making its way back to the top. Elsi